Sunflower art festival
10:00 am10:00

Sunflower art festival

  • Tuthilltown Distillery

Art and music festival starts at 10am 'till Dusk.

Featuring Meres, Smith, Lady Pink, Python, D.M. Weil, Jean Tansey, See TF, Resa, Free 5, Jenna Morello, Tim Segreto, Zack Baker.

Hot Party Show
Aug 3

Hot Party Show

  • 212 Arts Gallery

Summer group show curated by Queen Andrea and Melissa McCaig-Welles at the 212 Arts Gallery. Featuring Elle, Gilf!, Janette Beckman, Lady Pink, Mrs, Olek, Queen Andrea, Vexta and Vicky Barranguet.

A Rose in Spanish Harlem
Jul 30

A Rose in Spanish Harlem

  • Hi-ARTS Gallery

Hi-ARTS Gallery is proud to present A Rose in Spanish Harlem featuring the works of Sandra Fabara aka Lady Pink, renowned painter, muralist, educator and iconic figure in the world of fine art, graffiti, and street art. This exhibition displays prints, paintings, and woodcuts that illustrate varying stages of her creative output over the past several years. Both fantastical and surreal, Lady Pink braids both a lived life and imagined life into her paintings. Often choosing the female figure or her name as a landmark she constructs narratives around femininity, solace, empowerment, and belonging into her works. Featured alongside her work will be the canvas work of students from the 2016 Black Book Master Class. Curated by Carlos Mare

OPENING: June 16th 6-8pm
VIEWING HOURS: Tues, Thurs, Sat. 2pm-7pm
GALLERY RUNS: June 16th-July 30th, 2016

call: 718.497.4282

Welling Court Mural Project 2016
Jun 10

Welling Court Mural Project 2016

  • Ad Hoc Arts

Celebrating the streets, solidarity, community and culture! Eager to spruce up his neighborhood, Welling Court resident Jonathan Ellis connected with Ad Hoc Art in fall 2009 and they hit it off in great stride. The first Welling Court Mural Project (WCMP) debuted in May 2010 with 40+ murals transforming the neighborhood into a creative celebration and unique public art experience. Now in its 6th year, the WCMP continues to meld a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a fresh mix of emerging talents. Spanning over 50 years of public work and over 130 murals, the WCMP is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC; free and open to the public 24/7/365!

Some of the artists include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Andy Golub, Beau Stanton, Bishop203, Caleb Neelon, Cern, Christopher Cardinale, Chris Soria, Chuck Berrett, Crash, Dan Witz, Danielle Mastrion, Daze, Depoe, Don Leicht, Elle, Ellis Gallagher, EpicUno, Eyez, Gera, Greg Lamarche, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, Hef, Joe Iurato, John Breiner, John Fekner, Joseph Meloy, Katie Yamasaki, Kid Lew, Lady Pink, Lmnopi, LogikOne, MagdaLove, MAST, Matthew Ellis, Meres, Praxis, Python, Queen Andrea, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Raquel Echanique, Rene Gagnon, Royal Kingbee, Rubin415, RWK, Ryan Seslow, SEBS, SeeOne, Sinned, SpazeCraft, Subtexture, Steven Cogle, TooFly, Vera Times, Wane, Werc, Zed1, Zimad & many more.

As this is a walking tour of a public art project in the streets, bring comfortable shoes and whatever food and beverage you need to stay fed & hydrated. There are several locations around to buy food and beverages. Restrooms are available in local restaurants with patronage of the restaurant.

Come see how artists from around the world continue to unite with artists from the block to create site-specific works, which provide new arrays of visual experiences, changing how people perceive and interact with their environment.

Code Mixing: From concrete to canvas
Aug 14

Code Mixing: From concrete to canvas


MACLA Exhibit – San Jose, California
Guest curated by Alice Mizrachi, Code Mixing presents the work of latina street artists at the intersection of art, politics, and gender. Featuring work by Mitsy Ávila Águila, Nanibah Chacon, Lady Pink, Leslie "DIME" Lopez and Jessica Sabogal.

Bullet Space: Mestizo
Jun 26

Bullet Space: Mestizo

  • Bullet Space

BULLET SPACE an urban artist collaborative
292 East 3rd St. NYC btwn Ave C and D
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm or by appointment or by chance